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Better Life...
Via Chiropractic
Dr. Alli Stafford, DC


With a passion for helping people and a heart for animals, Dr. Alli considers herself fortunate to have a career that merges both loves. Providing human and animal chiropractic care, she helps improve the health and lives of the entire family.

Dr. Alli feels that chiropractic is a necessity for optimal wellness, as moving efficiently is key to leading a pain-free, enjoyable life. She uses a variety of high and low force adjustments, as well as soft tissue techniques to improve function and to encourage the body to heal itself through the power of the nervous system. 

​Dr. Alli loves working with people of all ages, and is also passionate about helping the Spanish speaking community. Chiropractic care has made a difference in Dr. Alli's own life and she loves educating her patients about their health and showing people how chiropractic can drastically improve their lives, as well.

"Dr Alli is great! She takes the time to work at my body and is able to make it move and feel better, in a way others haven't quite been able to."

Lindsey W.

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