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Health should not be a luxury that only the rich can afford. Our fee system enables everyone to come in, as often as necessary, to maintain optimal health and function of his or her nervous system.

An initial visit at Via Chiropractic is just $60. At this first visit, you’ll learn how and why this chiropractic office is a little different.

After this first visit, you will graduate to the Honor Fee System under which you will be given the opportunity to establish your own fee and privately place it in our “box on the wall.”  Yes, you read that correctly. Simply stated, everyone here pays according to his or her own means.  You see, money is no longer a barrier.  We’re talking about YOUR life and YOUR health here!  And some ask, “Why an Honor Fee System?”  Because there is simply no way we can put a price on what your health is worth.


While the system is designed to enable you to come in regularly, it is also dependent upon you coming in regularly. Initially, we might recommend more frequent visits to get your nervous system working and adapting with more ease. With time, the goal is to transition to preventative care that ensures proper nervous system function throughout all of life's challenges and demands.

*Honor Fee System applies to chiropractic adjustments for human patients only.*

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