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Alli Stafford canine chiropractor


Dr. Alli received periodic chiropractic care as a high school athlete, but it wasn't until an experience in college that she took an interest in chiropractic as a career option.

An avid runner, Dr. Alli began having periods of temporary vision loss after some of her long distance runs. Thinking it was an issue with her eyes, she went to an optometrist, only to learn that her eyes were perfectly healthy. At the suggestion of her mother, who was working as a receptionist in a chiropractic office at the time, she decided to try chiropractic for the issue. Not only did chiropractic cure her bouts of vision loss, but she also noticed that she could breath better while running. 

Chiropractic changed the way Dr. Alli viewed health and, ultimately, it changed her career path. She enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic and, once she started studying the science behind chiropractic, and how it works with the nervous system to restore and maintain health, she knew that she had found her passion.


Immediately upon graduation, Dr. Alli enrolled at Options for Animals School of Animal Chiropractic and began her education as an animal chiropractor. With a passion for helping people and a heart for animals, Dr. Alli considers herself fortunate to have a career that allows her to merge both loves. As a chiropractor for people and animals, she helps improve the health and lives of both.

After being in practice for several years, Dr. Alli felt there was even more to health and healing and started looking for ways to help her patients further. She obtained certification in dry needling, nutrition, and functional medicine.

​Dr. Alli loves working with people of all ages, and is also passionate about helping the Spanish speaking community. Prior to attending chiropractic school, she spent a year living abroad in Managua, Nicaragua, where she became fluent in Spanish. She also completed her preceptorship (internship) at a chiropractic office in Trujillo, Peru. During her experiences and time in Central and South America, she became enamored with Hispanic culture, customs, and the authenticity of the people she met.


Chiropractic care has made a huge difference in Dr. Alli's own life, and she truly enjoys teaching people how chiropractic can drastically improve their lives, as well. She is extensively trained and she loves educating her patients about their health.

  • B.S. (Bachelor of Science) - University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point   

Dr. Stafford graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology, focusing specifically on human physiology, chemistry, and courses in secondary education.

Dr. Stafford primarily utilizes Palmer Package techniques (Diversified, Gonstead, and Thompson Drop), but she also has training in extremity adjusting, as well as low force instrument adjusting.

  • D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) - Palmer College of Chiropractic

  • C.A.C. (Certified Animal Chiropractor) - Options for Animals

Dr. Stafford completed training for large and small animal chiropractic and has continued her education with courses taught by Dr. Jay Komarek, providing advanced technique education.

  • Level 1 Dry Needling - Master Dry Needling

Dr. Stafford completed Level 1 training in dry needling, a specialized myofascial trigger point therapy used for spasming and fatigued muscles, movement dysfunction, range of motion issues, and acute or chronic pain.

  • c.F.M.P. (Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner) - Functional Medicine University

Dr. Stafford obtained certification as a functional medicine practitioner, enabling her to perform advanced testing (hormone, gut microbiome, food sensitivity, etc.) to get to the root of many common health issues - and fix them with diet and lifestyle modification, rather than pills and surgery.

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